Macintosh & Apple Computers Service and Repair in Iowa

Scott Nelson earned a doctorate degree in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1990, and has held postdoctorate and research positions at the University of Iowa. In 1997, he decided to start his own computer consulting business. Soon after, The Mac Doctor was born.

Scott created The Mac Doctor for two reasons: he has always loved Macintosh computers and he has always enjoyed teaching. His research background has been invaluable in helping him to successfully evaluate, diagnose, and resolve issues with Apple hardware, operating systems, applications, and networks. Moreover, his approach to computer education involves lessons that are clear, understandable, and applicable to users at all levels. “The purpose of training,” says Scott, “is not to simply present the information, but to be sure that the trainee understands and can apply what he or she has learned.”

Scott is one of a small group of Apple Certified Support Professionals for Mac OS 10.5 in the state of Iowa. He is also an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop training. His clients have included the University of Iowa, Oral-B, ACT Inc., numerous local businesses and schools, and many private homes. Scott and his family have lived in Iowa City since 1990.

The Mac Doctor Iowa Scott headshotApple Support Professional in Iowa City and Eastern Iowa