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Scareware / Malware Detection and Removal

Have you had a screen pop up in your browser saying that your machine has just been infected by a virus?

Does the screen look like it comes from Apple complete with Apple logo? Are there warnings and sounds that prompt you to call the phone number?

Sadly, the internet is still ripe with nefarious people working hard to steal your identity, bank account information, social security number, credit card information, and more.

It all starts with a popup on your computer screen that says “You’ve been infected by a Virus!”. It includes realistic logos for Apple, Symantec etc. and asks you to call the number on the screen. When you do, the nefarious person asks your permission to control your computer screen remotely. Here they prey on your emotions to get you to reveal personal information.

Their ultimate goal is to steal money from you. As banks and credit institutions usually stop the transaction, scammers have resorted to having the victim purchase gift cards as a form of payment.

If your Apple computer has been infected with this kind of malicious software, Scott can help identify and remove the issue.

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