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iPhone and iPad training and repair in Eastern Iowa

6-8 hours of curriculum developed while volunteer teaching the Senior Center in Iowa City.

Topics include:

  • iPhone Anatomy. What function do all of the physical buttons have. Ultimately leading up to the multiple functions of the Home Button etc.
  • Gestures. Multiple ways to interact with the iPhone/iPad
  • Situational Awareness. Paying attention to all of the small words and icons on the screen and their function.
  • Screen Organization. Moving and organization of App icons.
  • Siri. Using Siri as a productivity tool. (appointments, emails, texts etc.)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts. As powerful a productivity tool Siri is “we still have to type”.

In addition to several semesters of teaching iPhone and iPads at the Senior Center in Iowa City, I have also trained 20+ people at the True North Insurance Company in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

The head IT person at True North said that she felt the 1.5 hour presentation was “excellent”! She even issued a challenge by sending in a few of her young IT guys who “know everything” to see if they could learn something. Thankfully, yes they did!

Also, a number of customers have hosted an iPhone/iPad party, inviting their friends and family.