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Apple Operating System Software Updates

Are you having trouble accessing websites?

One potential issue is that your Safari browser is outdated. The Safari version is dependent on the Operating System which in turn is dependent on the hardware (processor and video card).

  • OS Ventura can be installed on machines 2017 and newer
  • OS Monterey can be installed on machines 2016
  • OS Big Sur can be installed on machines 2014
  • OS Catalina can be installed on machines 2013

Do you need to apply Apple system software updates?

It is very important to keep your system software up to date. Apple is constantly releasing Security Updates for the Mac operating system. These automatic updates address bug fixes to maintain a high level of security and efficiency for your Apple devices.

If your Safari is out of date, you can find Software Update under System Preferences. However, if you are 1 or more operating systems behind, the process is a bit more complicated. Scott will need to use his external SSD drive to complete the update.

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