Concept by Iowa Hearing
Concept by Iowa Hearing
The Mac Doctor, Scott, is a great person to work with. We had several computers that we no longer needed. He destroyed the solid state and spinning hard drives to ensure no retrievable data and found a donation location to pick up this equipment. He was very thorough and met my company's required destruction and documentation protocols. It is a pleasure to work with Scott. He is efficient and does what he says he will do. I would recommend The Mac Doctor to anyone looking for this type of service. Thank you, Scott.
Sheri Walters
Sheri Walters
He was very knowledgeable and prompt. Helped us create backups & set a new imac. Great work!
Louise Gisolfi
Louise Gisolfi
Scott Nelson ( The Mac Doctor), is a genius when it comes to knowing how to fix any kind of Mac.I had a very complicated problem with my Duolingo App and he was able to untwine all the technological data and organize it in a workable manner. Changing emails, I D and passwords again and again until it worked.I had gone to several other experts before Scott and they were not able to help me. He not only fixed the problem but is kind, thoughtful and respectful. He checked with me every step the the way to make sure he was doing what I wanted. He is a delight to work with and there is no question he is the best around. Louise Gisolfi Louise Gisofi
Scott Meline
Scott Meline
Scott went to my 90 year old mother’s apartment and rapidly diagnosed/fixed problems with both her iPhone and iPad. This was great since we live out of state and could not be there in person. He did a great job both in fixing the issues but also interfacing with my mom.
Cris Perry
Cris Perry
I can always depend on Scott to fix my Mac problems. He’s very knowledgeable in everything Mac related. He’s wonderful in answering all my questions with patience and good humor without being frustrated in my lack of computer knowledge. He has fixed my Macs over the last 10-years. From my desktop and multiple laptops. He’s reliable and dependable. He’s worth every $1.00.
Ben Harshyne
Ben Harshyne
Scott was great to work with! He came to the office right away, and explained exactly what was needed to fix our problem. Excellent customer service!
Chris Gott
Chris Gott
Highly recommend! Super responsive, friendly and knowledgeable.
Richard Hyndman
Richard Hyndman
We thoroughly appreciated Scott’s promptness and professionalism as he recovered pictures/movies and cleared an old obstacle with our email. He was a blessing in disguise! Thanks, Rick and Peg
Maria McCaw
Maria McCaw
Exceptional service and quick response! This is the best service I have ever had with any computer issues! He was professional and helpful and I couldn't be happier with his knowledge and work completed! Hands down my new contact for any computer issues!


“I can’t imagine how our office survived without the Mac Doctor. Scott Nelson is cheerful, energetic yet calming, and incredibly knowledgeable; he has provided invaluable support in situations that range from emergency crashes to routine installations. Don’t spend hours trying to troubleshoot puzzling problems at home or at work; call The Mac Doctor and get back to work quickly.”

Holly Carver
University of Iowa Press

“I consider The Mac Doctor my own personal miracle worker. Since 2001, I have called on him to fix, install software on, or set up the network for every Mac in my house. He’s also been great to offer advice on which equipment to buy to fit my needs when I need a new program or computer. He is prompt to return calls, quick to set up appointments, friendly and efficient in his work. I would never consider putting my Macs in the hands of anyone else.”

Charlotte M. Wright

“Installing our new hardware and software with an IT department that admittedly isn’t very knowledgeable about Macs could have been a disaster. The Mac Doctor’s expertise made it smoother than we expected. We got professional installations and expert troubleshooting which kept our workflow disruption to a minimum. Scott knows Macs better than anybody I can think of, and he’s a pleasure to work with, too.”

Greg Carrier
Manager, Graphic Design

“Scott has helped our group design a state-of-the-art media center with a variety of still and video input mechanisms. More importantly, he has taught us all how to capture and archive this broad array of media. He has been a great asset for our group.”

Wallace L. M. Alward, M.D.

“Before my career as a graphic artist I was an English teacher, and I have a deep appreciation for good communicators, especially when the topic is technology. Scott is one of those rare beings who understands technology AND can articulate clearly and kindly to those who do not. If I could construct a perfect computer consultant it would be a lot like Scott Nelson. The only difference? He would live next door.”

Loretta Popp, Design Artist

“Scott makes himself available at our convenience, always providing his full attention, time, and skillful knowledge to our needs. He never rolls his eyes when asked a question I’m sure he finds simplistic! We appreciate that Scott is willing to set each of us up according to our own personal preferences, and does not expect that each of us wants to operate in the exact same pattern as the others. He possesses a professional and patient demeanor. His teaching skills are superb. We consider Scott a true member of our team, and are most appreciative of his willingness to work with us.”

Barb Bewyer
Managing Editor
University of Iowa Anesthesiology Journal

“When I need a software update or a technical consult, I bring my iBook with me from New Mexico. It’s what I bought in 2000 after hiring Scott to advise me so I could make a good purchase. Thanks to him, it’s still working well for me. My schedule is compacted into two weeks of Iowa City appointments. Scott is flexible and able to meet and help me between patients or over lunch… I appreciate the excellent care.”

Margaret Hansen, D.C.

“…Scott Nelson has provided much needed help to my Macs both at home and in the office at the University of Iowa… Scott has been quick to respond and gets the job done very quickly.”

Jack Rosazza
Professor Emeritus
Center for Biocatalysis/Bioprocessing

“I have found that computer problems never occur at a convenient time.  In this regard Scott Nelson has always been responsive and has saved my important data when problems have occurred. All of us rely on the function of our Macs on a daily basis. The Mac Doctor, with his knowledge of computers and technical expertise, provides an important safety net for our daily work.”

J. Steven Hata, M.D.

“…Scott is our trusted computer advisor.  His ability to diagnose the problem, find the best solution and fix it is superb. His ability to teach, advise and suggest creative solutions to our current and future technology challenges is very helpful. When it comes to working in the digital economy, Scott’s counsel and help is impressive and important to our short and long term success.”

Geery Howe, M.A.

“Scott Nelson, also known as The Mac Doctor, has been my Apple expert for at least two and half years– pre- and post- purchase of a new iBook. His value resides in his thorough knowledge of Apple computers, operating systems, and programs. This enables his instructions and assistance to be sharp, understandable, up-to-date, and extremely helpful. I find Scott a pleasure as a teacher, a good listener, and an answer to all questions I’ve ever asked.

I appreciate that he comes to my house and my computer for one-on-one instructions. An hour of his dedicated time and teaching style addresses my immediate needs and leads me to learning computer skills, as I am ready to use them. I also appreciate his customer service, prompt in answering messages and confirming his arrival time.

I value Scott’s integrity and knowledge and feel very fortunate that he lives in Iowa City and is so willing to help novices as well as professionals. I’ve employed home instructors before and Scott is the best I’ve worked with. On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), Scott is definitely a ten plus.”