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New Mac Computers – Purchasing Advice

Are you thinking about purchasing a new computer?

Scott is happy to offer free advice as to what computer would best fit your needs and budget.

The main decision is whether to buy a desktop or a laptop.

Apple laptops include MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

Apple desktops include iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Studio.

Apple has started soldering the RAM and SSD hard drive to the logic board so they can not be upgraded later. Because of this, RAM and SSD size needs to be decided at the time of purchase.

Scott will check to see how much hard drive space your current User Profile is using, and recommend based on the amount of data. Scott also recommends getting at least 16 GB of RAM to give yourself lots of working room on the off chance you might choose to edit photos/video.

From experience, Scott has found that using Migration Assistant to clone your data from the old hard drive or Time Machine Backup is a bad idea. It seems an easy way to transfer your info and applications, but it introduces a lot of corrupt preference files that affect the performance of the machine with a new SSD drive.

Although it requires a little more work, the result is a much faster and more efficient machine. And doesn’t require a visit from The Mac Doctor for 3-5 years!

Looking to upgrade your current Mac?
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