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Apple Hard Drive Replacement – SSD – Disc Hard Drives

Is your iMac 2013-2019 running slowly?

It’s likely the 4-10 year old spinning hard drive. Replacing your current drive with an SSD Drive is the best way to extend the life of your aging iMac.

Scott will:

  • Remove the old hard drive.
  • Replace it with a high quality SSD Drive
  • Install the highest level of operating system that your machine can handle
  • Create a new User Profile
  • Copy the User Profile from the old hard drive onto the Desktop of the new User Profile

If desired, Scott can help you set up your machine as new. This includes:

  • Connecting to your wifi
  • Signing in with your AppleID
  • Setting up your email accounts and printer
  • Installing any desired third party apps
  • Unpacking your documents, music and photos from your old User Profile.

From experience, Scott has found that using Migration Assistant to clone your data from the old hard drive or Time Machine Backup is a bad idea. Although it seems an easy way to transfer your info and applications, it introduces a lot of corrupt preference files that affect the performance of the machine with a new SSD drive.

Although it requires a little more work, the result is a much faster and efficient machine. And doesn’t require a visit from The Mac Doctor for 3-5 years!!!

Call The Mac Doctor today at 319.354.7447 to speed up your Apple computer!